Drawings 2020 – 2021

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Paint, ink, pencil, charcoal, and wax on paper. 6″ x 8″

Elizabeth Saw Things
Little Ben In Contemplation
Parker Reflected On A Life Of Pain
Alice Preferred the Company of Animals Because Animals Don’t Lie
Esther Wonder
Albert Kept Time For Maine Central Railroad Lines
Emily Showed Great Strength And Independence From A Young Age Which Brought Her Much Pain And Abuse Throughout Her Life
Beatrice And The Dangers Of Gathering Eggs
From A Young Age, Emily Tried Running From Herself To No Avail
Buddy Saw Things In The Sky
Harold’s First Brush With Mortality
Arthur Tried Reason Even Though They Were Worlds Apart
Johnny Felt Self Conscious Going Barefoot In The Rain
Ernest and the Demon
Francis of Clifton
Michele de San Lorenzelo
Hank and Marvin Inspecting Oil Rig Pump Jacks
Miss Octavia and Miss Dorita on Vacation
Magdalena de la Cruz